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About niix

About Nicki

Nicki Philips, founder of niix

 My name is Nicki Philips, I am in my 40s and after an initial career in marketing, I re-trained as a fitness instructor following an injury where Pilates was the key to my rehabilitation. For the last 12+ years I have been working with hundreds of women aged 30-75 using a blend of pilates and cardio to help them get fit and stay fit. 

About niix

the niix approach

 I created niix for mums and busy women to become more confident about their bodies. Age and busy schedules are no barriers to fitness. Bodies do change as we get older and so must our approach to health and fitness. It’s not about spending hours in the gym or endless gruelling runs, but using good technique which gets the best results in the quickest time.

The niix method

the app in action

niix is a fitness app designed to fit into your busy schedule, anytime, anywhere, with no equipment required. I personally guide you through carefully curated video classes and tutorials that fuse Pilates and cardio exercises. All workouts are 30 mins or less ranging from an 8 week progressive programme (inc post natal) to, shorter targeted classes such as core burner, HIIT, Pure Pilates, Fortnightly Fat Burner and Low Back Pain.